Pressing Matters is a tiny producer from the Coal River Valley in Tasmania. Owned by wine collector, Burgundy and Mosel lover Greg Melick. His fantastic wines are made by the very talented Paul Smart. The R9 is named for the amount of residual sugar – 9 grams.

NOSE: Aromas of lanolin, citrus – lime & grapefruit, white flowers. A very mineral wine with slight salty/oyster shell. Beautiful expressive nose.

PALATE: Lovely palate with the nose following through onto the palate. Lime plinth, grapefruit, oyster shell and lanolin. Again very mineral grapefruit acidity. I really love the texture and phenolics of this wine. The high acidity is balanced by a hint of residual sugar. All in all a superb wine.

SCORE: 93/100

DRINK:  2013 – 2030

GRAPES: Riesling

PRICE: $30

ALC: 11%

ANOTHER GLASS? For sure, great example of a cool climate Riesling and more to it than your typical Australian.

EAT: Freshly shucked oysters