Basket Press

Home wine making process is easy with the right equipment. I have had many people ask me about the winemaking equipment I have and how to get started.

Basic winemaking equipment -

  • Open top food-grade plastic drums with lids that can be sealed
    • This allows for open top fermentation with the lids sitting on top to keep anything out.
    • Once the grapes have been pressed and MLF has finished, the drums can be sealed for wine storage.
  • Citric Acid
    • For cleaning/sanitation.
  • PMS (potassium metabisulphite)
    • Cleaning/sanitation and of course protecting the wine.
  • Basket Press
    • I bought this from an Italian family, a fantastic piece of history. Homemade wine basket press and a great size for making wine at home. I would say it has 300L capacity and easily pressed my 500kg in one go.
  • Wine titrators
    • Sulphur Dioxide
    • Acid/PH
  • CO2
    • I hired a cylinder of CO2 ongoing, this helps protect the wine while being stored or transferred.
  • Octaves or 100L topping barrels
    • I bought these to match the size of my plastic drums and means I can keep each batch separate.
  • Demi-johns 
    • These are used for managing ullage of your barrels and storage vessels.
  • Electric blanket
    • for keeping the ferments warm and keeping MLF going during the cold winter nights.

As you can see the list is pretty basic, you really don't need much.