De Salis Vineyard

Orange, NSW Merlot 2013

My first real vintage

So, in a fit of inspiration whilst watching TV, I decided to have a crack at making my own wine for the 2013 vintage. My day job hasn't allowed me time over the last few years to be overly involved in the wine industry. When a change in job meant I had a few days off (late April 2013), I decided to make some calls to the only region that might still have fruit on the vines, Orange NSW.

Luckily for me Charlie Svenson from De Salis Wines, had Merlot and potentially Shiraz available. A couple of days later I was out in Orange to pick…

2013 was an early ripening year for Orange, most of the fruit had been picked, Charlie's a couple of weeks earlier. This meant the Baume was up, in the region of 15+. However, I decided to go for, even though making higher alcohol wines wasn't usually for me. Given the cool climate, I thought the acidity and fruit flavours would still be good enough to make a reasonable wine. I also thought it was a good opportunity to make a start, get set up with equipment and learn how to make wine in the "garage".

A mad rush ensued, calling and driving all over Sydney trying to find all the winemaking equipment needed. There wasn't much available!

So, a couple of days after chatting to Charlie, I packed up the family for an overnight trip to Orange, NSW. 

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