Making Great Wine at Home

The winemaking process for Orange, NSW Merlot 2013.


Heading back to Sydney with my grapes

After a full day of picking and processing I left De Salis with 6 full drums of Merlot. 

I added a small amount of sulphur dioxide to all of the drums to protect the grapes during transport and ensure only the strong yeasts survived. The aim is to produce a low intervention, minimalist wine that has been handled carefully.

It was a long drive with the grapes on the back of the ute. By the time I got home it was late, so I decided to leave the drums overnight and attempt to get them down in the morning. 

After getting the drums down and into the courtyard I was ready to start my solo effort in home/garage winemaking. I was surprised to find that although it was a rough ride back in the ute, most of the grapes were still pretty well intact. The four drums of destemmed fruit had a decent amount of juice in the bottom and the whole-bunch barrels only had a little.


Commercial quality winemaking on a tiny scale

When I think of wine made at home, I gag! Most tends to be faulty, caused through poor winemaking, hygiene and oxidation. I've made plenty of wine before, so I'm hoping I can produce commercial quality garage wine at home. From my point of view the main problem at home is controlling oxidation and keeping things sterile.